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Business Card - Who are we?

Go Green Communications
is a consulting agency for complex services in the area of communications, created in 2008. The Agency offers a variety of highly qualified specialized services that include:

- Communications and strategy management in the sphere of ecology
- Public relations
- Media relations and information management
- Media analysis
- Business-to-business communications
- Corporate communications
- Corporate reputation management
- Public Affairs
- Strategic positioning and planning
- Integrated communications
- Crisis communications
- Corporate social responsibility
- Internal communications
- Key figures positioning and reputation management
- High profile consulting of public appearance
- Event organization
- Marketing services .

Go Green Communications works with corporate and individual customers as well public, government and administrative organizations in Bulgaria.

Go Green Communications observes the highest professional international standards and provides its' customers with creativity, innovative approach, product value addition, professional and competitive service, personal concern and attention for details and specifications to every case.

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The Paper

To produce only a ton of newsprint paper we need the wood from 24 trees. And if, instead of throwing the newspapers that we read, we put them in the container for separate waste management, we save many trees from cutting down (250 000 000 in the USA only), we save enormous quantities of water, necessary for production of raw paper and reduce air pollution by 73%.

Here are some of the things we should have in mind when we recycle paper.
It is better while shopping to consider what is the wrapping – the paper wrapping is more attractive because in 100% of the cases somewhere on it is the sign for recycling. More paper wrappings in Bulgaria have also a number written into the sign – this number is the per cent recycled paper


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