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"Green" society

This is the zone of those who know that we cannot live without being in harmony with the nature because we are part of this world. There is information for everyone who live “green”, want to live “green”, who are interested to understand what the different “green” terms mean, people who are looking for advices for a “green” way of life, useful information and links in the Web (www).

We think that the “green” everyday life is not a fashion but rather a fundamental attitude to the world and to ourselves; that is why it is a question of willingness and desire and realization of its necessity. And also, that it is not necessary to wait for someone to give us an example, to remind us or to demand from us. We think that even the smallest step of each and everyone of us could have a huge impact on the final result. Six and a half billion people inhibit this planet. Multiply your little “green” steps by as much as you want – 15 thousand, 250 million, 3 billiard and see what is happening – a new, different and more pleasant world for each of us.

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The Chewing gum

Do you like chewing gum? If you do, but we want to live an environmentally-friendly life, it is a pity for you, because after you read the text below, you might have to give them up.

Today the marketing offers us quite a big variety of forms, tastes, flavors and colors and attributes the chewing gums qualities such as teeth whitening and cleaning, fight with cavities and periodontitis, stress reduction (ah, this stress). However, in its essence the chewing gum remains a synthetic gum very similar to the one used to produce tyres.

Chewing a gum has old origin – the ancient Greeks were chewing aroma resin from the tree Sapodilla. In 1860, while trying to make tyres from resin


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