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The industry „Cradle to cradle”

This is a new type of industry we still aim at; but in many countries leading companies are making research in this direction and work to adapt the production to it.

The so-called “Cradle to cradle” industry aims at closing the production cycle – when a certain product is no longer in use, it does not turn into an useless waste that destroys the eco-systems and pollutes the environment. The purpose is, or could be, to be thrown and to become “food” for the plants and the animals; or, to recycle and be used as a raw material for new products.

The principle Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The modern way of life is connected with “the production” of more and more waste that is difficult to place regardless where we store them. One of the possible answers that is practiced massively and conscientiously in many countries is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – reduction, another use and recycling.

This way of behavior starts yet in the shop. In there, when we reach for something, it is better to replace the thought of pure comfort with three important questions: can we reduce the quantity, can we re-use the product and can we recycle it when it becomes unnecessary. This is in short what the principle reduse, reuse, recycle – it does not require too much effort and when and becomes a habit this helps a lot the environment and is part of the so-called responsible behavior for sustainable development.

Having in mind that it is more fashionable to be “green” - if not for another reason, we hope that at least you are “fashion victims”; and also, the fact that the most advanced producers and designers apply the principle reduse, reuse, recycle as a new type of eco-economics will influence you.

And if you are only concerned – the model that has to lead you is 100% recycling with no pollution. His scenario is too optimistic, but it is possible. Simply do what depends on you.

Separate waste collection

Yes, we know that recently everyone is talking about it. Yes, we know that you do not have the time for this; that we do not have enough processing plants and there are more important things to do, etc.

Let's see now if you know why recently everyone is talking about separate waste collection and why it is important.

Let's begin with the fact that the separate waste collection is quite easy. Even in Bulgaria. Until this moment the national initiative for separate waste collection is developing well. There are more and more places, especially in the big cities, where colorful containers for separate waste collection appeared (popular as “igloos”).

There is also an advertising campaign; many citizens in the capital received a letter, explaining the benefit from recycling, signed in person by the former Minister Dzhevdzhet Chakarov. The expectations are that due to this new method of waste collection, the litter at the dung- hills will be reduced by more than 40%.

Important and popular is the fact that in countries where this model works for years, 90% from the letter is utilized; something that apart from reducing considerably the necessity from dung-hills, preserves a lot natural resources.

The separate waste collection is a matter of culture, which comes with the education and it takes time. The separate waste collection does not begin in front of the containers but at home. It is good every household to find a way to separate the paper, glass and plastic from the biodegradable waste. This is the way to solve the problem with the exhausting dung-hill, to reduce the consumption of natural resources and to be in pace with the civilized world, and to take care of the environment at the same time.

So, do you still believe that the topic is boring and there are more important things to do?

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