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The Water

You do not believe that the water might be over. It is so much. But only 0.3% from the water on the Earth is drinkable. Well, what would you say? Isn't it worth it to save the water? Not to mention that the single use of the water is considered an old-fashioned practice in many places in the world because the water can be purified and used many times. Besides, to save water we do not need too much effort. It is enough, for example, to do this:

- stop the tap while you brush your teeth (every time you brush your teeth you waste around 10 liters of water);
- use the shower instead the bathtub (to shower you spend 40 liters of water, to use the tub – twice this amount);
- mount in your bathroom devices that will reduce the water consumption;
- use the dishwasher and the washing machine only when they are full;
- use the dishwasher instead of washing the dishes by hand;
- repair the dripping taps at home.

We know that the bath is very pleasant and relaxing. We also like a hot bath but we ready to lessen its usage; even, to give it up, in the name of saving one of the priceless resources that we have – the water. So – consume responsibly.

Sources for all texts in this subcategory are: Recycle Now, Encyclopedia of Earth, gorichka.bg, Story of stuff


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