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Go Green Communications is a consulting agency for complex services in the area of communications, created in 2008. The Agency offers a variety of highly qualified specialized services.

- Corporate communications

- Event organization

- Public affairs

- Crisis management

- Product communication

- Marketing services


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The principle Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The modern way of life is connected with “the production” of more and more waste that is difficult to place regardless where we store them. One of the possible answers that is practiced massively and conscientiously in many countries is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – reduction, another use and recycling.

This way of behavior starts yet in the shop. In there, when we reach for something, it is better to replace the thought of pure comfort with three important questions: can we reduce the quantity, can we re-use the product and can we recycle it when it becomes unnecessary. This is in short what the principle reduse, reuse, recycle – it does not require too much effort and when and becomes a habit this helps a lot the environment and is part of the so-called


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