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What do we offer?

Go Green Communications offers a wide range of communication services. Our approach is different for the different clients, cases and situations. We take into consideration the specifications and requirements of every client and aim to offer custom-made professional services.

Corporate communications

- Strategic positioning and communication planning
- Media communication
- Public relations
- Reputation management
- Investor relations
- B2B communications
- Internal communications
- Media analysis

Event organization

- Conference events
- Panel discussions
- Round tables
- Media events
- Road - show
- Employees events
- Communication trainings

Public affairs

- Situational and sector analysis
- Links with institutions
- Corporate social responsibility

Crisis management

- Crisis planning
- Tools for prevention
- Communication in extreme situations

Product communications

- Market research
- Product PR
- Advertising and marketing consultations
-Marketing services

Design and development - see more...

- Web design and development
- Graphic design

MarketingPro Engineering - see more...

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The Metal

To produce 1 kilogram of metal 12 kilograms of materials are used (iron ore, explosives, natural gas, anthracite, limestone, coke, etc.), 91 kg of water and 1,9 kg air.
The iron is extracted from iron ore, most often from hematite. During its extraction from the ore there is 3,5 – 4,5% carbon which makes it hard but fragile. When the level of carbon is below 2% the steel is produced. That is more flexible as material. This happens when the iron is melted and air is put in it. To produce 1 kg of steel less primary materials are used – 8, 9 kg, water – 59 kg and air – 530 gr.

About 55% from the iron and the steel that we use today are recycled. To produce recycled steel the used quantities of water and air are


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