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We believe that one of the strongest points of Go Green Communications is our employees. They are the fundamental factor for the high level of work of the Agency. Our team consists of people with very strong individual and professional qualities that we have united to offer maximum high standard of work and service to our customers. At Go Green Communications work employees and consultants with different professional experience, expertise and educational qualifications from Bulgaria and abroad.

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The Glass

Maybe it is good to mention that, for example, the recycling of two glass bottles saves energy enough to prepare five cups of tea. This is important not only if you like tea, of course.
To make glass the materials (silica sand, lime, sodium or potassium carbonate, magnesium, etc.) are mixed together in certain ratios and melted at 1500ºС. To make a kilogram of packing glass are used 2, 6 kg of starting materials, 13 kg of water and 800 grams of air. To produce a kilogram of recycled glass are used 550 grams materials, 7 kilograms of water and 400 grams of air.

The glass does not degrade in nature (unless you do not have the patience to wait 4000 years), and at the same time it is a material perfect for recycling because it could be remade in new


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