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The Paper

To produce only a ton of newsprint paper we need the wood from 24 trees. And if, instead of throwing the newspapers that we read, we put them in the container for separate waste management, we save many trees from cutting down (250 000 000 in the USA only), we save enormous quantities of water, necessary for production of raw paper and reduce air pollution by 73%.

Here are some of the things we should have in mind when we recycle paper.
It is better while shopping to consider what is the wrapping – the paper wrapping is more attractive because in 100% of the cases somewhere on it is the sign for recycling. More paper wrappings in Bulgaria have also a number written into the sign – this number is the per cent recycled paper used in the wrapping.

At present more than 40% of the litter we collect separately are paper and cardboard. Although is it entirely degradable if it is simply thrown in the litter, the paper starts to decay – a process where methane is released. The methane is one of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect and it is 20 times more harmful than the carbon dioxide. Thus, this process causes part of the problem with the Global Warming. This makes the separate waste paper collection especially imperative.

There is no paper that is not appropriate for recycling (although certain kinds are processed more difficult and some factories avoid them). Newspapers, magazines, cardboard – nowadays the process is so fast that in many places in the world the paper is recycled and appears in the form of a new product within a week. For the process of recycling a little less energy is needed compared to the production of primary paper not to mention the salvation of entire forests from clearance.

The process itself could be compared to laundry. The paper is put into gigantic machines which remind of washing machines and then it is squashed and rinsed to wash away the ink. With the newer lines the water is used repeatedly.

More specific is the composite packaging, such as juice or milk boxes, which contain apart from paper about 20% polythene and 5% aluminum. This kind of packaging requires special facilities for recycling; although it is collected together with the paper, they are processed separately and the process is more difficult. Due to this reason, whenever you can choose between a composite box and a glass bottle, choose the glass. In addition, it could be recycled easier and used many times before you take it to the glass container.

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