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The Electricity

Yes, it is about the electricity. We think about it a little but it is also a resource and it 'contributes' for the global warming. Only with a slight change of some everyday habits we can reduce significantly the quantity of electricity that we use. What do we have in mind? For example, the following:

- to switch off the printer when you leave the office;
- to switch off the computer when you leave your work place;
- not to use air-conditioner if it is not really necessary;
- not to leave the phone charger (or computer, camera, etc.) in the plug after you have charged the device;
- to switch off the electronic devices at home during the night or when you are not using them;
- to buy home appliances and devices class A (the effect will be in the range of 10-15%);
- to install an energy saving program on your computer (for example from www.localcooling.com) or to set it to hibernate (“sleep”) every time you have not use it for several minutes;
- to use energy saving bulbs for lighting (the economy is between 10% and 50%);
- to turn off all light in the premises that you are not using at the moment (the effect is 10% economy from the electricity);
- if you are using electricity to heat up, have in mind that by reducing the internal temperature by 1 degree leads to economy of about 5-6% from the energy to heat up the premises.

So, you see that it is simple. And the effect is tremendous. Try to accept at least a part from these habits and you would have done a lot.


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