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The Chewing gum

Do you like chewing gum? If you do, but we want to live an environmentally-friendly life, it is a pity for you, because after you read the text below, you might have to give them up.

Today the marketing offers us quite a big variety of forms, tastes, flavors and colors and attributes the chewing gums qualities such as teeth whitening and cleaning, fight with cavities and periodontitis, stress reduction (ah, this stress). However, in its essence the chewing gum remains a synthetic gum very similar to the one used to produce tyres.

Chewing a gum has old origin – the ancient Greeks were chewing aroma resin from the tree Sapodilla. In 1860, while trying to make tyres from resin, the American Thomas Adams makes the chewing gum. During World War II production of synthetic gum begins (styrene-butadiene) and it replaces the natural resin from the chewing gum ingredients. To make a tyre the styrene-butadiene undergoes vulcanization and the raw compound styrene-butadiene is mixed with fragrances, flavors, improvers and preservatives to produce the chewing gum.

The bad thing is that the chewing gum is a huge pollutant. Countries such as The Great Britain and The U.S.A., for example, spent enormous amount of money to clean the chewing gums from the public places – squares, streets, pedestrian zones; in Singapore the chewing of a gum is forbidden by a law and you need a prescription from a doctor to be able to do it.

In Bulgaria, we also have a problem with the chewing gums. Most probably every day you step on the black spots on the streets, which you hardly notice until one day you step on a 'fresh' one and you have to clean it.
These black spots are resistant to weather influences, acids, they contain various chemicals such as aspartame and they are degrading extremely difficult. They can be cleaned only with steam at 180°С temperature, which is quite an expensive pleasure. Remember all this when you reach to throw the chewing gum outside the trash bin. In general, is it really so important to chew a gum, having in mind how difficult it degrades in nature.

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